Seller's Narrative

We Loved the “Country Feel” of Pinole
Our Dad, a veteran & a pilot wanted to live in the country. He was looking for a better life for his family, so when I was five we moved here from San Pablo, and my brother Don was 7 years old. At that time, 1954 there were only 5 homes in Pinole Valley. This was one of them. There were a couple tomato farms in the area and a pig farm that we loved visiting. He loved home-grown tomatoes; he even planted those tomatoes in the front yard. The weather in Pinole was much nicer than the surrounding areas, and no freeways... We remember growing up to country life here in Pinole, camping out, exploring the hills and fishing in the creeks. It was a quiet and peaceful life. Maybe on the weekends you would see a couple of cars go by for a country drive. A taxi would pick us up for school since it was cheaper than a school bus for a couple of kids. We LOVED growing up in this home! What my Dad enjoyed the most in this house was sitting on a chair right here in the living room just looking out through this window. The almost 2-acre lot it sits on backs into Pinole Regional Park with lots of birds chirping, and watching the hills on an afternoon sun and sunsets or the golden hour has always been a great way to unwind & enjoy the backyard; hike up the trail and it opens up to the view of the bay. It’s a tranquil place to spend some time in solitude up there as well. For many years, our Dad worked for Union Oil in Hercules then he became self-employed and owned his own business, the McKay Company Coffee. For years he supplied coffee equipment to Pete’s Coffee and packaged his own brand of coffee. Our Mom took care of us kids and our home; she liked high-end things around her including the Anderson windows and other improvements in the house. We miss our parents, but we have many many wonderful memories in this country house in Pinole Valley Road. We know you’ll love living here, where it keeps cool during the day and tranquil during an early morning coffee in the backyard or an afternoon hike up on the trails!
Dianne & Don
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